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Rooftop Package Unit Installation

A modern air conditioner (split system) consists of two units: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit can be seen on the facade of the building from the outside, and the indoor unit on the wall in the room. They are connected to each other with copper tubes and wires. The refrigerant (freon) circulates through the tubes, changing its state from liquid to gaseous, and vice versa. This is how the air is cooled or heated. Without an outdoor unit, this process is not possible.

The service life of the split system outdoor unit largely depends on the intensity of operation and the quality of installation. During the operation the unit emits strong vibrations, which must be damped with the help of special pads, installed between the fixing and the unit. And this is only one of the nuances, which are worth paying attention to. The outdoor unit harbors many critical components: from the compressor to the fan. Because of this the unit weighs a lot, so it is better to involve outside specialists for its installation. We do not recommend installing the outdoor unit yourself!


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