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From top brands to the cooling unit that’s proper for the size of your home or office, our team will guide you through the air conditioning installation process. A combination of top-notch service and fully licensed, experienced installers provide the quality you’re searching for to get your system up and running.


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Our location

Repair of refrigerators and Air Conditioners: Licensed Contractor in Irvine

Is your commercial refrigerator, ice maker or air conditioner broken? Or maybe you need to install this equipment? Contact our company Irvine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration!
We are licensed by the state of California (Ca Lic # 1055309) and the city of Irvine (license # 190003206) and provide a guarantee for all work. Repair and installation are carried out by certified technicians. The minimum warranty period is 3 months, and for some types of work, an unlimited warranty  of up to 2 years is provided.

We operate in Irvine and the nearby towns of Tustin, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Foothiil Ranch. Our specialists are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and basic spare parts. That is why we can carry out most types of repairs directly on the day of the client's request.

Licensed HVAC Contractor Irvine

Our company offers its clients professional services for:

  • repair of household and commercial air conditioners;
  • installation of air conditioners in residential and industrial premises;
  • repair of commercial and household refrigerators;
  • repair of freezers;
  • repair, cleaning and installation of ice makers;
  • installation and repair of hoods for commercial kitchens.

By contacting our company, you will receive quality assistance in solving a problem of any complexity! We work 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday.