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Built-in refrigerator repair

To ensure that you don’t need Prep table refrigerator repair for as long as possible, you should strictly follow the recommendations from the manufacturer when installing them. Built-in appliances are the equipment of new generation. It differs from the usual home appliances and is characterized by the reliable protection of all mechanisms and units. If the recommendations are not followed, breakdowns are more likely to occur such as:

  • The rear wall becomes covered with frost. This may be caused by a clogged gas capillary, a defective motor or a defective heating element.
  • Stop of cold production. This can be caused by compressor, evaporator, control module or thermostat.
  • There is a loud noise, or the refrigerator is operating loudly. If the fan or compressor is broken, extraneous noises are observed.
  • Leaking. Can occur due to a damaged sump or drainage system.

These are not all of the breakdowns that can happen to a built-in refrigerator, but only the most common. But even this is enough to understand that the system in this equipment is very complex. That the presence of any sign of a breakdown cannot point to a single part. That is why, in case of malfunction, the help of a qualified specialist is simply necessary!


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