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Why doesn’t the air conditioner cool the room well?

The most common malfunction of climate systems is that the air conditioner does not cool or blow air at room temperature. Such malfunction of split-system happens due to different reasons. The air conditioner does not cool air because:

  • The filters or fan in the indoor unit are dirty;
  • The heat exchanger in the indoor or outdoor unit is dirty;
  • Capillary tube is clogged;
  • Freon in the system is insufficient;
  • Refrigerant leakage;
  • fan malfunction;
  • Breakage of the valve in the external unit of the split system;
  • Compressor malfunction;
  • Temperature sensors malfunction;
  • breakage of pressure sensors.

Do not ignore the problem of poor air conditioning cooling. Observe the rules of operation and perform a timely inspection of the air conditioner. Experienced specialists of our company will always help to solve this problem!


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