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Why can an commercial air conditioner break?

You can avoid repairing your air conditioner by having it serviced regularly. During such maintenance, all systems and units of the equipment are checked for proper operation. Causes of commercial air conditioner failure may include the following:

  • Unprofessionally performed installation.
  • Factory defect. Happens rarely, as commercial air conditioners go through a strict control system before they come on the market. It is not always profitable to dismantle the whole system to change the equipment, that is why it is better to have it repaired.
  • Incorrect operation.

Before you start repairing the device, a specialist should conduct a thorough diagnosis. The exact established cause of the breakdown will allow to eliminate it in the shortest possible time. It should be remembered that the cost of repair of equipment directly depends on the complexity and amount of work to be done, so it is calculated individually. We want cooperation with us to be profitable and pleasant for each client, so we offer the best prices for services.


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