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Why are conventional refrigerators not suitable for industrial purposes?

To use an ordinary refrigerator for industrial purposes at first glance seems like a very profitable idea, and it is inexpensive. But experts do not recommend this. There are many reasons why using a home refrigerator can harm production. This is, firstly, due to the lack of space for proper (separate) storage of products. Second, the weak power and poor insulation of household refrigerators leads to temperature fluctuations, which contributes to food spoilage.

Storing products on the shelves of refrigerator doors violates all sanitary and hygienic standards and also leads to food spoilage because in this place a simple refrigerator is not cooled enough. The materials used in the assembly of such a refrigerator far from always comply with the accepted safety standards. If you have a broken industrial refrigerator or you need to install this equipment, the specialists of our company will always come to your aid!


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