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Types of walk-in freezer

In this article, we will tell you what large freezers are and how they are used. Commercial variants are used by various catering establishments, and can also be used in the home. The principle of their work does not differ from the production freezers, but their power and freezing speed is somewhat lower. The compressor provides cooling down to -30 degrees, which is the basic principle of the technique. According to the principle of operation, these units can be divided into:

  • air;
  • Non-contact processing of products;
  • for contact freezing.

Businesses use air chambers, which are able to provide freezing of a large batch of goods. They freeze not only raw products, but also semi-finished products. Contact chambers use special liquids, which are needed to remove heat from the food product. They are also divided into cryogenic, freon and carbon dioxide, depending on the liquids used. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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