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Types of industrial refrigerators

Refrigeration equipment allows you to store food in a safe environment due to airtightness and coldness. Refrigerators for industrial purposes have a special ventilation system and stainless steel surface. They are capable of holding temperatures down to -17°C and are divided into several basic types:

  • refrigerated (freezer) cabinets;
  • Refrigerating (freezing) chambers;
  • Refrigerated (freezer) mini-bars;
  • refrigerated tables;
  • refrigerated cabinets;
  • Refrigerated bar system.

The advantages of refrigerators for industrial storage include specially rounded corners, which makes cleaning of the inner chamber easy and fast. Powerful compressor cools the space to the desired index, which is individually set on the thermostat, and the materials of which such refrigeration equipment is made, have industrial grade quality. They stop the growth of bacteria and withstand a heavy workload.


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