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The principle of operation of сommercial ice maker

Ice machines are professional refrigeration equipment for making ice. Ice machines are used in commerce and food industry. The main use of ice machines is the production of ice for cocktails in bars. They are used to decorate store windows of stores and serve as a decoration for cold snacks.

The principle of ice machines is quite simple. Water flows from the tray or through pipes into the main tank. After turning on the equipment, a compressor feeds the liquid to the tubes filled with refrigerant. Twenty minutes after the start of operation, ice is formed as the refrigerant freezes the water.

The ice formed is cut off by a cutter or falls off under the influence of hot steam into a hopper. The advantages of the equipment are the water’s ability to conduct heat well. Compact dimensions help to integrate ice makers into bar counters, so the ventilation holes are located in the front. Due to the absence of fans, the noise level is minimal.


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