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Rules for installing air conditioning in the bedroom

For the effective operation of the air conditioner in the bedroom, it is important to determine the right place to place it. Let’s consider several options:

  • Opposite the bed. Not recommended by specialists, because the cooled air moves to the opposite wall and, pushing back, returns to the heads of sleeping people. Prolonged operation of such air conditioner can cause colds.
  • Installing an air conditioner above the doorway is a huge plus for the interior, as it is the most inconspicuous place in the room. The only disadvantage is the necessity to lay a longer route, and this will affect both the efficiency of the cooling system and the price of installation.
  • Mounting air conditioner near the window in its turn will provide a short route. But there is also a minus – you will have to refuse curtains in the room. These two things are not compatible.

Thus, in some cases, you will have to choose between aesthetics and comfort. We do not recommend you to do the installation of the air conditioner yourself – it is better to ask for help from professionals!


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