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Refrigerator leaking water: causes

He reasons why water leaks from under the refrigerator can be quite different. To begin with, it is worth checking whether the refrigerator is really to blame for the leak. It may not be the cause.

  • If you have a washing machine in your kitchen, check it first. Since, statistically, washing machines break down more often. Also check the dishwasher.
  • If the refrigerator stands next to the radiator, pay attention to it: it can also leak.
  • Inspect the contents of the chamber: whether it leaked boxes of milk, juice, or just water that you keep inside.
  • It happens that the electricity in the apartment is turned off without warning, during the day you may not notice its absence. Because of this, the refrigerator can trivially defrost.
  • The problem could be in the outlet to which the appliances are plugged. It may be broken, or the plug is not fully inserted into it.
  • Another reason could be a plumbing leak. It may not be noticed immediately, especially if the siphon is hidden in the depths of the closet and cluttered with various things: trash cans, household chemicals and other accessories.

If none of the above items turned out to be the cause, then the problem should be looked for elsewhere. The best option would be to call a qualified technician, who will make a professional diagnosis and fix the breakdown.


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