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Our company provides commercial air conditioning repair in Irvine, as well as installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. Operation of this equipment requires compliance with special rules, which will tell you about our experts. Contact us if you need to install, air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer or ice maker.

Residential air conditioning installation

The place of installation of the air conditioner depends on the type of room. If the height of ceilings allows, you should install air conditioners, which are placed behind the ceiling space and through the louvers distribute air evenly in the whole room. The simplest variant is a wall-mounted conditioner, at that an outside unit is mounted on a facade, if such opportunity is foreseen by a project of a house or on the roof. In this variant it is necessary to provide a location of blocks in the apartment before the beginning of repairing works so masters arrange communications for equipment in the walls and ceiling. In any case it is better to entrust the installation of air conditioner to professionals!