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Professional rooftop package unit repair

A rooftop air conditioner allows for the efficient air conditioning of various types of spaces. There are several reasons why your rooftop air conditioner can fail quickly:

  • Unprofessional installation. You can’t forget that during the cooling process, the air conditioner releases the maximum amount of heat into the environment.
  • Clogged filter. Clean the filters in time. If the filters are clogged, the unit begins to cool poorly, losing power.
  • The power of roof air conditioner should correspond to the size of the room. If you buy a low-power air conditioner, it will not have time to cool, constantly working to turn the system on and off.
  • Freon leakage from the system. In order to maintain the necessary gas pressure level, you need to charge the equipment with new portions of freon in a timely manner. Approximate time of refilling is once a year.

Remember, if conditioner starts to malfunction it is necessary urgently to apply for help to the expert, but in no case to experiment by yourself.


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