Mainteance and Repair

One of the most demanded services that our company provides is AC maintenance. In addition, services for repair and maintenance of heat pumps, as well as refrigeration equipment are in great demand among customers. We recommend that you treat the scheduled maintenance of air conditioners as responsibly as possible, so that this equipment will last as long as possible.

Heat pump repair

The main reason why a heat pump ceases to operate normally is a leakage of freon from the internal circuit. With evaporated freon disappears and the oil, which serves as lubricant in the compressor. Heat pumps are necessarily equipped with gauges to monitor the freon pressure. A leakage will be indicated by the pressure gauge at once. Therefore, control of the refrigerant pressure – is the prevention of serious damage to the most expensive subsystem of the heat pump, and therefore the entire system. Our company carries out repair and service of heat pumps, freon check, heat exchangers cleaning and adjustment of systems of work.