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How to properly install a domestic refrigerator?

Before installing the unit, make sure that the floor in the kitchen is strong, the existing flooring will easily withstand the weight of the appliance with all its contents. Otherwise, it will be necessary to make repairs and strengthen the floor. A simple instruction will tell you how to properly install any refrigerator on the level:

  • set the refrigerator on the workplace;
  • Make sure that there are gaps between the refrigerator, walls and furniture;
  • by adjusting the height of the legs, set the fridge to the right level position;
  • Lift the front legs so that the fridge body tilts back a little so that the door can close easily;
  • check once more the level of the fridge;
  • make sure that the appliances are fixed firmly on the floor, do not wobble and do not tilt.

After the fridge is installed, you need to complete it: set the racks, shelves, baskets for vegetables, trays for eggs. It is necessary to check that all the parts exactly fit into the appropriate grooves and do not shift during operation. In this way you will exclude the probability of food falling down after loading the refrigerator.


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