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How to find a freon leak in a refrigerator?

To determine by yourself whether there is freon in your refrigerator, you should defrost and dry the unit. If after turning on the refrigerator, the condenser grid is cold – freon has leaked out. How to find out the leak by yourself? On the open areas the puncture place will be marked with a black spot – the gas came out, and the oil in the circuit is non-volatile, it remains around the hole. If the tube rupture occurred in the foamed part of the fridge, the chamber wall will bloat, marking the place of the leak.

You can tell if the refrigerator is leaking Freon if the chambers are warm and there is a brown oily puddle on the floor near the compressor. The refrigerant has evaporated at room temperature, leaving the oil, decomposition products, and condensate as a trail. It is possible to understand that freon has leaked out of the refrigerator by yourself, as soon as puddles of melted products and the uniform noise of the working compressor are detected. If at the same time to feel a condenser – a lattice on the end part, it will be cold. It means that freon in the refrigerator has run out.


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