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How to choose an air conditioner for your home?

Home air conditioners can be divided into several types, differing in installation method and dimensions. The main difference is whether the air conditioner has an external unit or not. Air conditioners without an external unit include monoblocks (permanently installed in a suitable place, such as a window opening or a niche in the wall) and mobile air conditioners, which can be moved when necessary.

Mobile air conditioners have a special pipe for the output of warm air, which must be mounted so that the air goes out the window (in the package with such devices you can often find an adapter for installation). As for condensate, in most cases it evaporates naturally, but in some cases you may need to remove it manually (drain the contents of the container).

Stationary air conditioners (or split-systems) consist of two units, one of which is placed indoors and the other outside. Such an air conditioner is often equipped with an air cleaning system, can work for heating, and has a set of automatic modes.


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