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How to choose a commercial refrigerator?

All refrigeration equipment can be divided into two large areas – for professional purposes and household needs. Accordingly, refrigerators can differ significantly. Commercial refrigerators have more functionality and are much more reliable in terms of operation. But professional refrigerators are produced for narrow specialization: for example, for cooling kegs, making ice of different sizes, for bar and store windows, stores and warehouses. The most important quality of professional climatic equipment is the ability to maintain the exact values of the specified temperature regimes.

If we are talking about a restaurant and a refrigeration room to be equipped, then the frequency of using the equipment has a direct impact. Frequent visits will require a good, powerful refrigerator capable of quickly reaching the specified temperature parameters. Also, an important parameter is the amount of food stored. If there are a lot of them, it is better to use a low-temperature cooler.


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