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How does air conditioning work?

The air conditioning system works according to the closed-cycle principle. The air in the room is cooled by passing through the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, in which the refrigerant evaporates. Let’s look at the scheme of operation of the unit step by step.

  • The compressor compresses the refrigerant, and in a gaseous state from the evaporator of the indoor unit presses it into the condenser.
  • In the condenser, the freon is cooled by heat exchange with the outside air and condenses. All this takes place in the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit.
  • Then the refrigerant passes through the throttling device, where the refrigerant pressure and temperature decrease sharply. At the same time, part of the liquid refrigerant is converted into gaseous state.
  • The cold Freon enters the heat exchanger of the indoor unit (evaporator), where due to the heat exchange with the air from the room it boils and turns from the liquid state into gaseous one. The air is cooled and enters the room.

Droplets of water are formed on the evaporator – condensate, for removal of which a separate tube is installed. It goes out into the street or into the sewer, so that there is no excess moisture in the room.


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