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How does a Walk-in freezer work?

The easiest way to freezing food in the home is to use freezers. Freezers work much the same way as conventional refrigerators: they can be equipped with a manual or automatic defrosting system. Manual defrosting involves periodic defrosting to remove ice and frost on the walls. With an automatic defrost system, things are much easier: food that has been stored there for a long time will not get covered in ice. The “No Frost” system prevents the formation of ice, thanks to the constant air circulation, and the resulting moisture is removed from the chamber by the evaporator. But to keep your food even fresher for longer, we recommend wrapping it in bags.

Electronic control is available in more expensive models and allows you to maintain the set temperature, which can be set to a tenth of a degree. Presence of an ice generator in freezing chambers allows making ice cubes, however, for this purpose it is necessary to connect to the water mains. Specialists of our company carry out service and repair of the built in freezers of different models.


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