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How do freezer units work?

The algorithm of operation of the freezer is identical to that of the refrigerator. In the evaporator, the refrigerant boils and begins to evaporate, changing into gaseous form; at the same time, it removes heat from the internal space of the chamber. The process takes place at low pressure.

The compressor sucks in the refrigerant vapor and forces it into the condenser at high pressure. The refrigerant then condenses into a liquid phase and releases heat to the environment. Passing through the filter drier and capillary tubes, it enters the evaporator. The cooling cycle is repeated until the temperature inside the chamber reaches the set parameters, after which the thermostat activates and switches off the compressor.

The operating instructions for the refrigeration equipment prescribe what should be the temperature range around it. After all the quality of compressor operation, safety of the coolant and duration of trouble-free operation of the freezing chamber depends on this parameter.


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