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Furnace repair in Irvine

Heating system repair is an expensive, complicated, but necessary procedure that must be performed regularly to prevent accidents, leaks, and other mishaps.

Scheduled work on the heating system is carried out in accordance with the schedule. The document is developed taking into account the material from which the communications are assembled, the chemical composition and purity of the coolant, the intensity of operation of the system. This event may include such works:

  • minor repair of heating boilers;
  • restoration of batteries;
  • elimination of leaks;
  • replacement of gaskets, couplings, cocks and valves;
  • flushing of pipes;
  • radiator cleaning.

Depending on the condition of the heating system, scheduled repairs are performed at 10-20 year intervals. Irvine this service is provided by our company’s skilled technicians!


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