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Freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm: causes

You’re about to eat a snack and find that the inside of the refrigerator compartment is very warm, but the freezer compartment is excessively cold? Or is the compressor working continuously, although it was intermittently silent only yesterday?

There can be several reasons why the freezer works and the refrigerator itself is warm:

  • Freon leakage. On your own it is better not even to try to fix it – it is necessary to immediately call a service center.
  • Compressor failure (depending on the type of refrigerator).
  • Thermostat breakage.
  • The cause can also be a clogged filter, or contamination of the capillary system.

As soon as you notice that the freezer is working, and it is warm inside the refrigerator, it is necessary to turn off the refrigerator, because if the problem is simply a clogged filter, the compressor may break during this work and the repair will be very expensive. The temperature in the refrigerator, if necessary, can be measured with a simple thermometer, which should be placed in a glass of water. Have any problems with your refrigerator? Call us!


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