Air conditioning installation and repair

If your AC is not cooling, then don’t try to repair it yourself – contact the professionals urgently. Our experts have extensive experience in the field of repair, installation and replacement of air conditioners. Having all the necessary tools, the technicians will be able to carry out professional repairs of your air conditioner in the shortest possible time so that you do not experience discomfort from the California heat!

Air conditioning replace in Irvine

Many customers of our company are interested in an important question: when do you need to change the air conditioner? In fact, there are several situations when this equipment needs to be replaced. So, the air conditioner needs to be replaced when:

  • repair is technically impossible due to wear of important parts;
  • the air conditioner has been operating for many years and its functionality is outdated;
  • the equipment requires complex and expensive repairs, which are unprofitable to produce.
  • System is low efficiency.

Do you want to replace your air conditioner? The specialists of our company are always ready to help you – contact us at any time to get a truly professional service!

Quite Operation

Install new high efficiency and quite operation system

Wide Selection

Clean commercial ice machine twice a year and enjoy fresh ice

Heating & Water

For commercial refrigeration systems, regular maintenance is very important

AC & Heating

We recommend updating the cooling and heating system every 10-15 years

Mainteance & Repair

Perform annually maintenance your air conditioning and heating systems

Energy Efficiency

Use only licensed contractors and install original parts